• A Knife Wound in Your Name

    Hello, Jen, it's been a while, and
    (Although I did not call today)
    I thought I would just call to say
    you know,
    that I think a lot
    Yeah, I'm thinking every day
    And Jen, inevitably
    My thoughts return to you
    Your hair, your eyes, the way your lips form a pretty little 'O' when you ask me if I know
    and the things, the things
    the things we both went through
    And Jen there are a thousand things that I want right now to say to you
    which is nine hundred and ninety-nine more than I have courage for
    So instead I'll say just one, no more
    even though all the lovesick lines the world ever uttered
    or the awkward goodbyes later muttered
    wouldn't approach doing justice to the way I felt when I stopped frozen at your door
    dropped this letter,
    and turned away to run a second time.
    Every day I scream in my head that one thing I never said
    that little line I never told you, the very thing that erstwhile lovers always do.
    No, I never said it, and I never will
    But I've always felt it and, if thoughts could kill
    then every thought I've had since then would be a knife wound in your name
    All the world would be bleeding out and my love would be to blame
    It's the only way I know,
    In this cold, dark world
    to feel for you.