• hey i love <3 you...
    is all i want to say,
    but everytime i try to
    something enterupts me...
    so i txt u nd say that i love you,
    nd u nevr txt bck
    come to find out
    u no longer have a phone
    nd my good luck is running out..
    i try to tell u agein
    at lunch
    but ur boy freind beat me to it...
    i love you too u tell him
    nd my hearts broken all over agein..
    next day at school im passing u by..
    ur crying ur eyes out nd i ask u y..
    he broke ur heart like he did mine too,
    so now is the chance to tell you i love you,
    but a teacher walks by nd says go to class..
    so were left with our hearts broken like spider webbed glass