• Bones

    Just give me sleep, sleep, sleep
    Or a bitter pill, a laced cup the spark, the shine, the metal glimmer of cold steel
    frigid wristwatch waits for a time at the bottom of a tepid glass of wine
    tip of a hat, bucket kicked, chair knocked askew: wishes, things I'd never do
    sick all over your spit-shined shoes
    Oh, I'm terribly sorry
    And here's to you

    sweet summer breeze blowing past far above, perhaps, I'm sure, out of reach
    best not to think about the leaves that could be turning, ponds maybe thawing
    Oh, no longer, and it's all frozen now
    let me sleep, oh, let me sleep
    I'm so tired
    I wasn't tired
    I'm tired now, so tired
    Under a stone, underfoot, underneath...
    Let me sleep.
    It's Christmas eve and there's no wreath
    So let me sleep
    Easter's come and gone, no, no nobody's home go away because it's
    Time to sleep
    Valentine's Day and I'm all skin and--
    Turn off the light
    Go to sleep.