• Trapped
    nowhere to go, nothing to do
    no one around to rescue you

    its like being trapped in a little box
    where every corner has its locks
    First you panic, for help, you wait
    then your patience diminishes so you try to escape
    as every attempt blows up in your face
    that's when you start losing your faith

    Your heart fills with hopelessness and doubt
    As you accept that you will never get out
    and the worst thought that you eandevor
    is the thought of being trapped forever
    you realize that there's one way out
    you ignore your instinct's screams and shouts

    You now believe that death would be nice
    And that any type of death should suffice

    While people say you were crazy, that they worried
    they never bothered to learn your whole story
    The desire to escape became a need
    we never know if your soul became free