• - Poems Of Life - "Requiem" By Lord_Solrac2

    "Lost, I search your footprints. In Snow, Stars and Memories...
    In the search of your enternal peace is what I aim.
    In my dreams I see you with your wings.
    As I try to get close to you, the road doesn't let me reach you.
    The day you left, at the end of the skies you brought a last light.
    Your peace is now what I'm aiming for again, to be same as you.
    Because of this I've looked for it in Dreams, Love and Hearts...
    Leaving behind the eternal light you've left to us. As I want to
    search my own little light. And Give you my eternal love once more"

    Based On Raggs Requiem from 07-Ghost http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R7XWCm108Q&feature=related