• I would be happy if you were a stranger,
    A passing Fancy
    A fleeting attraction
    I see you every day, and you see me
    Or do you?
    Do you See me?
    Do you see how I blush when you look at me
    How I fumble with words when we talk
    How I stare at you
    How I talk to you whenever I can

    Most think I am cold, yet you do not
    For I have an unnatural attraction to you.
    You smile, I smile
    You Laugh, I laugh.
    We are always together,
    So why, Why
    Do you never See me.

    I have been your confidant on so many things
    Through your trials and tests
    Failures and triumphs
    We are like two peas in a pod
    Always together, yet always separate.

    I know now why it can not be.
    You love another
    More so than you could ever love me
    So I will wait, for the time
    When he will hurt you
    And you will be back in my arms.
    Once again, the grooms men, but never the groom.

    You tell me often, in a language we love “Semper Serpas” you should always hope/ have Faith.
    Alas, how long will that work?
    To have hope?
    I will love you forever more,
    Either here on this window ledge
    Or in your arms.
    I will always be yours.