• You tell me pain is darkness
    From which you can't escape
    It leaves you feeling breathless
    Panic, suffocate

    I tell you pain is light
    That burns inside of you
    You have to put up a fight
    To keep it inside of you

    You shelter yourself in reality
    A bloody gruesome scene
    And tell me all the horrors
    Of the things I've never seen

    You continue to dull the pain
    With deep and messy lies
    A rip in your reality
    Where my fantasy hides

    Why do you reject my world?
    The sickly sweet fun
    Of being tied down and forced to pull
    The trigger on the gun

    Oops, looks like your dead now too
    Now didn't I tell you this was worth it?
    You can try and try to go back
    But you'll only get farther away from it

    You tell me you don't need me
    but you really do, you see
    The one who made this hell for you
    Is me

    So when this nonsense is becoming clear
    You know where to find me at
    I'll be laughing at this memory
    I guess I'm just twisted like that