• Tippity tappity,
    little feet ran around the room,
    Little bears and moving hares,
    what a treat for a child or two,
    flying kites and working bikes,
    How I desired a few,
    but after all things said we go to bed,
    till morning we bid adue.

    Tickity Tockity,
    oh goodness it's nearly noon,
    to the tiny shop we go,
    where children push and shove,
    to make their dreams come true.

    Jinglity Janglity,
    The bell above the door moves,
    the doors are barred closed,
    the children had froze,
    all hopes became as cold as dew.

    Sobbity Sobbity,
    Tears race down their cheeks,
    all the trinkets,
    the toys,
    the things they truely enjoyed,
    were all emptied out,
    only a sign was left.

    Clippity Clompity,
    Heads turned but only a few,
    some kids smiled,
    some kids laughed,
    others were angry and confused.

    Gigglity Gagglity,
    What they had seen was true,
    a carriage with new toys had arrived,
    the store had moved down a block or two.