• A witty little child, so young, so vibrant and full
    with lips a rosey auburn, whose hair was kept and still.

    Her skin a shade of porcelain and a touch of sunkissed hue,
    glossy beaming eyes that stare a rippling ocean blue..

    She commented, "Oh mother, do you like me as I am?"
    Her mother simply nodded, steadily holding her hand.

    With disbelief and sorrow, the child pleaded and begged,
    hearing her daughter's words, she dipped to her knees and said...

    "I'll will always love you, no matter the time or place,
    you my darling child, can never be replaced..."

    "I love you as you are, your worth is endlessly rare,
    you have me to care and watch over you, to know I will be there."

    "One day you will walk in my shoes, with children of your own,
    you'll prosper, marry the man of your dreams and never be alone."

    "I'll stand by your side as a mother, best friend for any advice,
    I'll guide you to understanding a path of love and life."

    "Whenever you ache I will aid you, in any way I can,
    I'll support you in all you do, so you live life as you planned."

    "Believe me when I tell you, you mean the world to me,
    I'll embrace you with comfort, with the mother's love you need."

    The child smiled and pondered, contented to no end,
    taken aback by words truly found in a friend.

    She kissed her mother's cheek, and thought her words through,
    smiling and with a whisper she said, "Mommy, I love you."