• Don't tell me you are sore,
    don't tell me it's hard to handle,
    just get over it, everyone's in pain,
    everyone's got s**t to get over it
    we all break in a slow pace,
    we were meant to suffer, get over with it

    I'll tell you how's mine...

    My heart is scattered in different colors of pain,
    hurts time to time, depending how's day going by
    we all die when we notice that we've suffered enough
    to know that we are supposed to be happy
    in that moment where we are going to part away

    I just look at old memories,
    remembering everything that was meant
    to be for happiness sake,
    but never were, and I've lost my hope,
    plus now I see my future with a shiver kind of fear,
    shocking me in the present,
    puts me in desperation, tempering my misery

    I get speechless, I try to force my words,
    taking the pencil and entering a trance of nothingness,
    with the light of my room illuminating
    every solitary dark particle of my life,
    burns me so deep, burns my heart, my feelings, my soul,
    and I can't do anything because I
    get stoned by stupidity

    I've wrote too much and still
    I can't explain this hell of confusion in my existence,
    my wholeness, which is empty,
    incapable of figuring myself out, I only can see
    a sea of desolation
    where I try to scream but instead I sink, I drown with it