• I see all the smiles and I want to beg for my own
    I wish to scream but my lips are shut sown
    I writhe for freedom and I feel my bindings tighten
    One thing I've learned, burdons never lighten
    I only become accustom to the weight
    I was tricked into misery with blissful bait
    Haunted by thoughts that will never be over
    I now run away from the beast they call 'sober'
    But the show and the pain must go on
    I loathe the world and will myself gone
    A dagger in the grin and serpents up the sleeve
    Now my only want is to vanish and leave
    Abandoned once more by faith and hope
    I don't deal with problems, I only cope
    On with this vile and sick masqurade
    Of good deeds punished and evil ones paid