• When our hearts were broken
    We withered away
    All our doors were open
    But we couldn't find our own way
    We led each other out of the dark before we laid down to die
    We put our heads on our laps and for a year we cired

    When we were children . . .
    The sky was golden
    We danced in the mist and crawled through the logs
    We cast our heads towards the sun and we walked through the fog
    When we were children . . .

    *chorus* You can't cut us down, you can't pull us out
    We were the seeds that were never nurtured
    You can't cut us down, you can't pull us out
    That doesn't mean we didn't have a future

    Something new was coming
    By spring it had grown
    Though the winds were blowing
    We skipped through the snow
    Through the midst of our troubles our eyes remained bright
    And shimmered like diamonds across a velvet night

    When we were children . . .
    Our hearts were singing
    We rolled in the grass and dug deep in the earth
    And we laughed out our screams till our voices hurt
    When we were children . . .


    As each day passed
    We blossomed and bloomed
    They said we wouldn't last
    That we were bound for doom
    And everyday when we slept they said we'd drift away
    But everyday when we woke we promised to stay

    When we were children . . .
    Towards the horizon
    Our memories dripped like salty tears
    And when we almost drowned we had no fears
    When we were children . . .

    Daughters and sons


    Children. . .