• Science of Torn Beginnings -By Mary C.

    I need a vacation away from myself
    ...Away from my thoughts and inner beatings
    Away from the knotted stomach and gagged throat feelings
    Away from the memories and inner deception and lies.

    I wanna forget what you did to me
    What I forced myself to do, only for you
    Only for your heart I was to die from the start
    Like Romeo and Juliet, would I be happy to pay that debt.

    I feel the sting of every moment we had together,
    Being with you was like skinning me alive with a butter knife...TWICE
    Six lives down and one more to go, you were my penalty free throw!

    I thought things would be better if I gave it one more
    Then you turn around and call me a whore.
    With tears in my eyes you struck me down again and again
    Then finally after all humanity was stripped away you took what was within.