• I grieve, I mourn, I sob
    The thought of you keep rushing through my mind
    As the needles pierced through my heart
    and every breath I take hurts.

    Just yesterday, you are with us.
    I greet you with goodbyes
    For I know I will see you again.
    I smiled and walked like I always did.

    You pray, You eat, You rest
    As the sun settled, you chanted this words:
    "La Illaha Ilallah"*
    And you take your deep sleep.

    Today, a part of me has gone
    because each corners of the house remind me of you
    But I believe, God has you in his keeping
    and I know, you will watch over us.

    Today, Tomorrow and Forever
    I always love you
    and I will never forget you
    and I miss you so much, dad.