• If you take away everything I own, then I'm just a person.
    If you take away everything anyone's ever owned, then we're just people.
    Take away our knowledge we won't have teachers.
    Take away our beliefs then we're just creatures.
    Borders are gone because we don't know any better.
    What is war, what is hate, Hell, what is a letter?
    Because it's been said ignorance is bliss, bliss is heaven.
    Does any of that matter if you can't count to seven?
    I'm talking about war and hate that we can see.
    The kind of hate that shouldn't be.
    The kind of war that isn't free.
    Because if we ask the questions how and why?
    The answers shouldn't be, "Now, you die."
    When we look at our hands thy should be dirty with mud.
    But look at yours, look at mine, they're dirtied with blood.
    And you wouldn't take the fall for any others.
    But we're in this Hell together, sisters, brothers.
    Because when they fall down, we'll rise up.
    And try our best to wash away the corrupt.
    But the clean water turns red.
    The blood of the dead.
    Should it even be said?
    Cut it off at its head.
    You take it out at it's source.
    But this isn't the kind of thing that is dealt with by force.
    It's dealt with love and care we need so much.
    The kind of love that you can touch.
    The kind of care without a crutch.
    Because if we stand, hand in hand.
    Share in the freedom, share in the land.
    For when we stand, when it starts.
    We'll be stronger than ever, our beating hearts.
    But never forget what's gone, the past.
    Whatever calm we have would never last.
    For it's in these mistakes we learn the most.
    They will haunt us forever. Humanity's Ghost.