• I met this girl at this one camp.
    Funny thing is I Kissed her on the parking ramp.
    She's 16, I'm 15, I'm her King and she's gonna be my Queen.
    She makes my head spin, giving me a huge grin,
    know that I'm already falling in,
    Like a sign from above, please tell God thanks for giving up.
    A beautiful lady that I want to know, how I want to show, oh I'm such a pro.
    At making you laugh, you know I've got class.
    I'm gonna walk by you, just to.
    Get, your, name, show my game,
    I wanna show you how this song not going to be lame.
    Oh how I love your eyes, I'm gonna be there when you cry.

    Don't start crying cause you'll make me tear,
    One of my biggest fears, is is to see you disappear.
    Now baby, please don't go, I hope you stay.
    I don't wanna see you go away.

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