• Everyone I have,
    Doesn't feel true.
    All these words,
    Even from you.

    The act of friendship,
    What does it mean?
    So misunderstanding,
    A loosened seam.

    These pangs of evil,
    Approach from your lies.
    But soon disappear,
    And return with soft cries.

    I always wanted her,
    To appreciate my life.
    But to have said nothing,
    Has put me in strife.

    For anyone to see,
    For anyone to hear.
    I'd gladly keep them,
    And shed no tear.

    That is what I wish,
    A promise so well kept.
    Always seeing me,
    Not just when I wept.

    For today I move,
    The streets so barren.
    Few people pass,
    The lonely little heron.

    And now I stand here,
    Sideways eight in my arms.
    Standing in the rain,
    The dimming of the alarms.

    Of my eternal sadness.