• In the kitchen of certainty the voices milk,
    Of phrases and words that are often spilt
    The blackest of hearts will soon be exposed
    To the pack, their words will be made unknown

    The princess at hand has lost her sash
    To a lad whose heart had she latched
    This is a sin for she is to be wed
    To a prince far across the land instead

    But that is not all to be told, oh no
    It seems like the queen’s voice is like a crow
    For she has kissed the messenger sometime ago
    Whose throat was ill and a sickness he freely bestowed

    Laugh and giggle, but that’s not all to be told
    The prince’s horse, it was sold
    For a maiden never to be seen
    Oh what ever could this ever mean?

    The king is not guilty, but woe
    Many heartstrings had he pulled
    For who is to know the children is his or not
    He will perform the same deeds; his wife could rot

    Scandals, awaken
    From your prisons, be shaken
    Heads will soon be rolled
    To smacking lips, this is your toll