• Take all you can get,

    But you don't know?

    A heart filled with endless regret,

    Will only die faster then sun melts snow.

    Burying them to keep them from exploding,

    But it was no use.

    One by one dreams start imploding,

    and shortens my lovable fuse.

    Despair and regret,so sweet!

    Alone or together they make,

    such a great treat,

    for one who leaves death in their wake.

    Let this poisoned apple set loose,

    Rage and torment of the most unstoppable heart,

    May it rage until it ends at a hangman's noose.

    Lest it tear itself apart.

    Tearing away,slowly the truth comes out,

    But who's to say it's a lie?

    My blood boils and I shout,

    "I'll can end their miserable and useless lives!"