• It is said a machine needs energy to perform an action, however my automatonic mind is effortless,

    my words are impregnable, this poem-

    was previously a song but i dropped the beat because I didn't need instrument to be catchy!

    And partially because i don't have a metronome.

    screw a metronome! metronomes sync themselves to the base of my voice.

    angels tell me i have a voice of an olympian demigod!

    nobody has ever heard of the south african invasion on north america in 1997 because i prevented it with nothing but a

    beer bottle and a tophat.

    it's not easy being a spoken word genius, all though i don't have a problem, because i go hard!

    When i go through Phrygian, midas knows to hide, because i spit more gold than a gringott.

    I was recently kicked out of nederland jewlers because they told me my tongue was hoarding silver.

    and i can say my alphabets backwoards, and forwards, and vertically.

    because logic thought it could best me but i looked him in the eye and i told him "get at me bro!"

    mother nature swoons everytime she sees me, when i walk past a tree it instantly blooms.

    when i walk in a convenient store the doors open automatically for me.

    and then i exit through the fire escape witch also open up automatically for me.

    one time i poped my pecks and vesuvius erupted as i walked away with my back at the explosion.

    i met dorothy at a party one night and we clicked heels on the dance floor, then i brought her back to my place after

    to knock boots.

    i could pick up any girl i wanted, the trick is to lift with your legs.