• I've been given a new view.
    I've seen how others see you.
    Talking to your best friends.
    Relationships meet their ends.
    Selfish is what they all say.
    Everything has to be your way.
    Responsibilities you shirk.
    Upset when you have to work.
    You consider everyone less.
    Think that you know the best.
    Want whatever's new and shiny.
    At one time that was me.
    After time you start to bore.
    We just can't give you more.
    Something different happened here.
    My brokenness you seem to fear.
    I used you as my crutch,
    But my problems were too much.
    All along you had known.
    Your intentions weren't shown.
    At first you seem like fun,
    But you're disliked by everyone.
    You have some kind of spell.
    They come as you ring the bell.
    There's one thing I can say.
    I am finally breaking away.