• From the very moment
    Nothing lasts
    How you end
    Will make a past

    The story written
    Is your choice
    The person reading it
    Will hear your voice

    Words spoken
    Memories continued
    A chain reaction
    People you live through

    What is your story
    How will it entail
    What is your story
    How will it fail

    --- --- --- ---

    I can’t wait to share
    Your tale with everyone
    I can’t wait to know
    When it is done

    Does it matter
    What you learn
    I’ll make you unhappy
    Your dreams burn

    I know who you are
    Person with a tuned heartbeat
    I bet you don’t know
    The secret person I meet

    Go ahead and write your life
    Go ahead and add a chapter
    Go ahead and write some more
    My audience needs laughter

    Now come closer
    I must tell you
    A little closer now
    I’ve betrayed you