• Fool me once, thats shame on you
    Fool me twice, I don't know what I'd do
    Fool me three times, never again
    I'd fall for you until the very end

    Because you're so good at making me
    Believe those lines
    I guess I really am a fool
    It happens every time

    You'll weave those pretty words
    And leave me guessing what it means
    Sometimes I get so tired
    Of your games
    But I deceived myself
    Thinking you're finally growing up
    When it's obvious you'll always be the same

    Say what you mean
    It's easier to take
    Just be yourself
    You don't have to be a fake
    If hiding behind
    Your words makes you strong
    I'd rather be weak
    I'd rather be wrong

    Half-truths and half-lies
    I'm half inclined to wonder why
    I always seem to want
    To stick around
    Straight forward, no straight back
    Honesty is what you lack
    A shred of truth is
    Nowhere to be found