• Can't believe you're not here. | Can't you see I'm still here?
    I thought you were my fear. | Being silent is my fear.
    Now I just want you back. | I'll always have your back.
    I have to keep this on track. | I will keep it on track.
    I'm sorry that I hurt you. | I'm sorry that I hurt you.
    I'm not sure what to do. | I wonder what you'll do.
    A slight buzz is what I feel. | My thoughts you barely feel.
    I wonder if you're real. | I promise that I'm real.
    I'll never forget the pain. | I'm sorry for all the pain.
    You drove me so insane. | You're not really insane.
    What if it happens again? | It will never happen again.
    How can I call you my friend? | You are my closest friend.
    I just want to be happy. | I want you to be happy.
    Can I still be me? | Can you accept me?