• It is a futile struggle for survival, affectionately called life.
    A captain and his ship, his body, his mind,
    forever steering through troubled waters,
    finding only spots of calm every once in awhile.

    It is a long, hard journey from which none return,
    for many have abandoned it and drowned,
    in fear of not making it through their worst storms.
    Only the captain stays with the ship, down to the end,
    willing to take on whatever comes his way,
    knowing that all things have a grand purpose for occurring.

    And when the captain nears the end of his tiresome trip,
    the trip known to all as life, then and only then,
    the skies will clear and the fog will lift,
    giving the captain a good and final look at all he has done.

    Inevitably, as the ship sinks to its watery grave,
    the captain realizes his time is up, his job is done,
    his journey is complete, that it was all worth it.
    He then gives a peaceful sigh, knowing that he can finally rest,
    and submerges into a deep and eternal slumber,
    never to be troubled by rough waters again.