• A murky figure cast in the distance

    Shows an appearance of a wary existence

    With a build that has been consumed by time

    Some shattered windows, who's remains are filled with dust and grime

    Dirty, broken gutters filled with twigs and leaves

    Help to magnify the dying step where the spiders weave

    Across a hollow porch, an appealing door sit cracked

    Broken, but unopened because

    Its locked, but you can peer through the cracks

    Inside is tattered, torn, and completely ransacked

    Silence fills the void of the dreary atmosphere

    A thick steady wind blows, stirs dust fragments in the air

    The crack of the dried hardwood floors


    The aching moans of the decaying ceiling

    Rain down a symphony of grief and misery

    Cobwebs mask the corners high and low

    The peeling wall paint has a contorted flow

    An empty, lonely fireplace helps the furniture

    to cast out shadows in the dark

    Welcome to the 'happy home' I call My Heart