• Ebony tower frosted in white,
    Reaching up into the night.
    Frozen flakes fall from the sky,
    The barren trees slowly dying.

    The large garden now covered in ice,
    The years of suffering unknown strife.
    Chills in the air touch their bones,
    Four young women shivering in reluctance.

    The snow crunches beneath their feet,
    Not a sound do they make as they sneak.
    Into the night a lone crow calls,
    Shadowy figures dash along the wall.

    A man's laugh along the breeze,
    They have not yet earned a reprieve.
    From the shadows two orbs glow red,
    Birthing a deep sense of dread.

    Eyes watching from all around,
    The four girls continue to stand their ground.
    They refuse to give in despite their fears,
    This is the end, no more tears.

    A lone scream echos on the wind,
    Filled with pain, never to mend.
    Basking in the blood moon's light,
    The ebony tower reaches up into the night.