• I need you so much it hurts to think of losing you.

    And yet, I feel as though I already am.

    I feel like we are growing apart.

    Promise me, that even if you stop loving me, you'll

    lie to me and stay. You'll still lay with me every night.

    Promise me that no matter how bad things get you'll always remain

    my heaven.

    My heart.

    My soul.

    My life.

    Your the only thing that

    keeps me from going under.

    With out you, my life is null and void,

    Like so many desolate stars in the sky.

    Empty like a body without a soul, crying out for some kind of sign that you still care.

    Begging to be freed of my fears.

    And trying to crawl back into the light from the ever greater darkness.

    To be able to understand what has happened to the love we once had.

    To try to fathom how something so strong could be divided so easily.

    Why, when all I ever needed or wanted was for you to feel the same.

    When all I needed was to be called your angel.

    This last thing I beg of you,leave me not in a cold world, so dark and tragic.

    So alone and scared.

    So lost...So terrified...

    So dark...empty...dead...