• Can one’s own heart know the boundaries of love and pain?
    No they cannot, love and pain is the same and forever
    Ones love grows but too the chance of being hurt the same
    The more you fall, the harder the landing will be
    Why people risk love when the pain is all the same?
    Love is pain, never forgotten and always felt
    We risk pain for love because of need
    The need for held hands on moonlight strolls
    Warm arms to hold you on cold winters nights
    Fingers that erase fallen tears away
    Memories never forgotten but hid away
    We don’t know the boundaries
    There are none, that’s why
    We never give up
    We only know the boundaries of pain we can take
    Go beyond that and we begin to break
    Go beyond breaking and we start to fall apart
    Beyond all that, a pile of broken crimson class
    We might break, we might fall but we risk it all
    For the need of love