• yum_puddi I Don’t Know

    I’m not sure how to start this off
    A poem that comes and goes, soft?
    I’m sitting, no lying in bed trying to think what’s next
    Should I write about Steve Urkel’s specs?
    I Don’t Know

    It’s quite hard to write what’s in your head on paper
    When your mind is constantly a soothsayer
    You don’t know what it means, google it
    Oh! I know! A poem about getting fit?!
    I Don’t Know

    I’m seriously thinking about giving up
    Writing poems, I’m always stuck in a slump
    How about my favorite veggie, bean sprouts?
    I Don’t Know

    It’s 1 in the morning
    My eyes are watery and my mouth is yawning
    Yet I still don’t know what to write
    Maybe this poem, probably needs a rewrite?
    I Don’t Know