• Roses are red and violets are blue you are the most beautiful girl I could have ever knew
    From the moment I met, I knew it would last, I forgot about every screw up in my past
    However it seems over time you got bored, replaced me with someone who had something more
    and now I am torn left me a disgrace why do I still wonder this place
    I thought I met and angel so flawless indeed, if you could only see what I mean
    My image of you is beyond this whole world, you are the most perfect girl in the world
    but I been shut out and now my lights black, I dont know if I can ever go back
    My heart it shall ache, and tonight I shall die, but never ever shall you see my cry
    I shall not shed a single tear for you, For a prince to cry it just will not do
    For my only obligation is to see you do well, even if it puts me in hell
    For I am selfless in most every way, and today I will bleed and sway
    Please dont forget me my dear, I know that you have, but remember something when I let go your hand
    As you transition into this world, and you no longer need me, This is when the prince is free
    To go home and die alone
    I lost my world, but for you I would do it all again
    For that is just the sort of Guy I am
    Good bye my angel, well never see again
    For this is the last chapter
    This is the end
    of the paradise I once knew, but is nothing without you
    Such a lonely soul, Forever ill be, You made me happy when it could be
    but all things must end eventually
    I can only say I am glad you are happy
    Ill always remember you, even after my passing
    So here I place a Rose and a Violet
    This is the ending to this tragic story
    It fades and dies just like these flowers
    If only I had the power to keep you entertained but at last I dont and so I remain
    In the dark alone where the angel once stood
    but for now she is gone
    Who would have known it to be true
    There is nothing left to do
    but wave goodbye and watch you fly off
    Into the world and away from my grasp
    This is the end finally and at last
    Well take different roads now
    This is the end
    Ill miss you