• I live alone inside my brain no matter where I am the world is so much bigger then we think it is. Yet there is really not much keeping me connected to this world, without those connections I would probably consider passing onto another world, the land of death where the rest of them went. Everything is cold inside and I have very little reason to care anymore.

    Stability is such a fragile thing and its so difficult being the one with the responsibility of taking care of everything when everyone is telling you how much they hate that you exist. You are everyone's servant but when you give your own life absolutely no worth at all you eventually need something to keep you going. Most of the world does not appreciate your assistance but you are the one always giving it.

    After awhile you wonder why a worthless soul even deserves to exist to begin with. When you finally realize you are truly very messed up in the head after everything and you were always very close to slipping off the edge of the cliff. Even the system of social balance is fragile and so it must be maintained for eternity. When the person holding the pieces dies so will all the systems and everything they tried to do. Though I really doubt people will ever really notice anything most people never do. When you are a ghost you really have no place.

    Mr.Fix it is called upon to be everyone's Therapist and fix everyone's problems. Mr.Fix it knows everything, Mr.Fix it can do everything, Mr.Fix it will do everything. Yet when you fix the world no one notices. You are proper and perfect all the time but eventually everyone will leave. When you are no longer worth using you wonder if your purpose is just to die. This reality is pointless and so are most of the people inside of it.