• Feels like drowning more and more
    waiting patiently to feel reach core
    someone gently whispers..
    "I'm here.. right here..
    close your eyes..do not fear"
    my brain's out of phase
    and my heart's lust was out of place
    tears of blood rained down from above
    to rinse the sins of my broken love
    from a girl with slashed wrists and broken bones
    she had dark wings and a crown of thorns
    "A beautiful soul is now miserable
    for what you've done is unforgivable
    I am your soul.. that you misused
    a gift from god that you refused
    you just killed me for attention
    when you slashed your wrists with cruel intentions
    sure your on the news..
    but was it really worth it?
    did you think that's perfection..
    when people stare.. but no reaction
    self abuse was your method
    though you knew her heart was frigid
    your broken heart won't justify
    the stupid ways to purify.."