• I knew this would happen, From the very beginning I knew. For I am not like my younger brother, Though I have tried to contain what's inside me. The monster still got out, It hurt the one person I cared for most in this cruel world. Now it haunts me every time I try and close my eyes. Over and over I relive that horrible day, Empty tears rolling down my cheeks. Oh little brother of mine I wish I had your strength, Your will, But sadly I had broken that promise. I made to you before we parted ways. I know now that I can never earn your forgiveness. If you're reading this then by now I have left, Please don't come searching for me. As it's better I live my life alone.
    Love forever your brother Sin~

    Raven held the paper tight in his hands, As he read the words his brother wrote. "Brother, I forgive you." was all the younger spoke. As he tucked the piece of paper inside the drawer.