• You've traveled far and the end is near
    You can't shake the feeling of dread and fear

    Your quest is nearly done
    All that's left to do is one

    Simple task, you must face the beast
    Slay it at the very least

    You enter the room and are surrounded by gold
    You step cautiously, your future untold

    Alas you see it in the center of the room
    the image of impending doom

    It turns to face you its eyes agleam
    its nostrils give a little steam

    it raises onto its haunches, gives the gold a rattle
    You unsheathe your sword and prepare to battle

    Its launches at you with all its might
    you dodge it and begin to fight

    You swing your sword in desperation
    then you feel a burning sensation

    You collapse to the ground with a curtling scream
    You look up and to the rest of your team

    They all are aflame, just as you
    You accept defeat as there's nothing to do

    The last thing you see is the beast poised for attack
    Then you see nothing as the room goes black

    You hear in the distance "your party is dead"
    You look up from the table to see your DMs smiling head