• Remember when you met me
    On that cold December night
    Remember when you said
    That it will be alright

    Remember nights we’d watch
    Movies all alone
    Remember when we would game
    Until the morning sun

    Remember years of friendship
    We’d always be together
    Remember when we’d Always
    Get gifts for eachother

    Remember when it was me and you
    And I was never your second pick
    Remember nights when all
    We had was bliss

    Remember our relationship
    That moment we were happy
    Remember when you asked me
    If we could be together

    Remember as time passed
    The feelings that did grow
    Remember all the arguments
    That in fact did show

    Remember when we were happy
    because the other was around,
    Remember when we loved
    When no one was around

    Remember when, is a funny term
    It’s when things were great
    But looking to today
    Nothing is ok

    “Remember when” shows a memory
    Of how things used to be
    All “remember when”
    Is a constant memory

    We don’t talk like we used to
    I am no longer your first pick
    Now all you do is post a great big pic
    for everyone to see

    You do things you never would
    That I cannot approve
    But all you would tell me is
    “You can’t tell me what to do”

    I’m not your first pick
    I always feel alone
    I am always second best
    And now I do things alone.

    If your not first your last
    That is what I have learned
    Nothing feels the same
    During every passing day

    Now I am second best
    And I guess that is ok
    But it’s nice to remember when
    Things were better every day