• Lost, broken, tired and confused.
    I lie crying in my bed at night,
    as I pray for those abused.

    We lock our doors, turn out the light,
    and go off safely to bed,
    unaware of others' plight.

    We stay warm, clothed, and fed.
    While others struggle just to eat,
    and hang on by a thread.

    Sometimes when I'm feeling beat,
    I think of all I have in life,
    for I am blessed not incomplete.

    Everyday we all face strife,
    but I must stay strong,
    because I'm a loving mom and wife.

    I weep tonight for all that's wrong,
    but I know inside I'll be okay.
    This nights sorrow won't last long.

    As for the world and it's decay,
    all I can do for tonight,
    is close my eyes and pray.