• “The Revenant by Stewart Stafford

    The golden ball in the sky adopts an adios hue,
    And kisses the world a fond adieu,
    The predators that thrive in its absence appear,
    Their shadows and eyeshine our darkest fears.

    The Revenant stirs from subterranean limbo,
    With bloodied fangs and glowing eyes akimbo,
    To survive and stagger the bloodlust way,
    Until fasting begins at break of day.

    Hear the tap at your window,
    The solitary song,
    Embrace the contagion,
    No matter how wrong.

    Feel the frigid skin,
    The piercing bite,
    And live in their troth,
    At one with night.

    Then recline in their grave,
    In eternal embrace,
    And rise at sundown,
    A gothic Queen of Disgrace.

    © Stewart Stafford, 2021. All rights reserved.”
    ― Stewart Stafford