One taste of love...

"Do you realy want to go trough with this?"
The girl nodded as she embraced her companion with a deep pasionate kiss.
I have no companions other than puppets. Marionettes made of dust.

"I think I made a mistake when i chose you."
The girls eyes began to water when the guy said those words. She was also unsure of what to say until she found the simpliest words to say.
"But why? I don't understand," answered the girl.
Puppets can not love.

"You're a shell that I've poored myself into. I can't love you. Your a mere shadow of me." answered the guy.
"But I love you! I even let myself become one of you!" her tears began to gather them self on her lower eyelid, and began to cascade down her cheeks.
"Which ever love you felt towards me was merely lust." he said to her. His voice as cold as stone.
he placed his finger over her lips and said,
"You've always been my favorite puppet. But the things is...Puppets can't love...They can just bring me pleasure."
The girl broke away. Opened her mouth to say something but was muffeled by the guys lips pressing against hers.
"I'm sorry but this is the way it was to be," he said when he broke their kiss. After that statement he disappeared into the darkness of the night.

The puppet show is over...
I will have my fill of love soon as I find someone worthy...
Someone tasty.