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Me, Myself and the Monkeh!! :D
Me, Myself, and the Monkeh!
Puppet Love Chapter One
“It just seems a waist don’t you think?” said my comrade from behind. I didn’t budge, but continued to stare at the sight of the burning city. It actually is a waist, such a wonderful city now being burnt to the ground because of the mistakes those idiotic scientist did when they we’re trying to enhance the army. Now look what they have brought to the world.

It actually wasn’t so long ago, a few two hundred years to be exact. Our president was such a war-maniac that he decided to pay scientist to enhance his army into indestructible humans that he would never lose a war. But it’s not like he knew what his actions would have caused him in the long run. Five years after he had started his experiments there was an accident in one of the facilities. Their experiment had been a success but there was a dreadful side effect, the man had a strange craving for blood. At first they thought that they could dispose of him after they figured out what they had created, but sadly it was to late. The virus that made the man that had begun to spread in-between the workers with out them noticing. Soon after there was a new kind a species in the world known as vampires.

But that doesn’t fully explain what’s going on now, I’m afraid to say. The humans were terrified when they heard of the disasters that had been according underneath their noses that they demanded that the government did something about those vampires. That’s when the Humanoids come in. They aren’t really what you’ve expect them to be, their just humans with un-natural abilities.

But just how did the Humanoids come to be? After countless attempts to destroy the vampires they decided to do their experiment all over again but with different methods. Thus the creation of Humanoids came to be. But you think this solved out little vampire problem? Of course not! That just made an even bigger mess. Now thanks to the irreverence of one idiotic guy, the worlds divided into three parts, Humans, Vampires and Humanoids.

Do you think that’s the end? I’m sorry but no. To fully explain the scene that I’m watching with my own eyes right now I’ll have to go even further into this explanation. But for now that’s all your getting out of me.

“We should return to headquarters.” My partner said slowly walking away from the scene. I hear him stop walking and guessed that he had turned to look at me. “We can’t do anything now it’s just to late. We should just go and give milady the report.” I forcefully made myself look away from the burning city and fallowed my partner to headquarters. So many innocent people wounded, ill, and maybe even dead all because of these stupid war. I shouldn’t be actually talking I’m part of this stupid war as well.

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commentCommented on: Tue Oct 02, 2007 @ 12:23am
It was good. ^^

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