Soon after we had both arrived to headquarters. Everything was busy as usual; everyone was walking around carrying out his or her duties and what not. But if you’ve never been here before you would find the building to be quite overwhelming, all the movement, noise, and lets not forget the buildings architecture. It has such a wonderful feel to it, like it’s a spa, everything’s so relaxed; when you tone out every single noise in your surroundings that is.

When we made to Lady Erma’s office the atmosphere seemed to have dropped. I still can’t figure out why this place gives me the creeps. As we made our way further into the room, goose bumps ran up my spine, and almost immediately I felt a pair of eyes looking at me. But strangely no one was looking at me.

“I see that you have returned,” said a female voice that seemed to have been coming from the walls of the room. Unlike anyone who this is just his or her first visit to this room, I wasn’t looking trying to locate the source of the voice. Instead, I stood there calmly, gazing out of the window and let my partner do all of our talking.

“Was your mission successful?” asked the voice. My partner stepped out in front of me and cleared his throat before he began to speak. “Unfortunately we were to late to stop the vampires attack on the humans. But at the bright side we discovered that someone in our organization theirs at least two spies who are selling information to the vampires.”

It was obvious that telling her that our mission had failed, and that there were spies in our organaztion were a terrible idea. But the truth is, you can’t sugar coat everything especially when you’re in the middle of a war like we’re experiencing. A long silence was cast upon us until lady Erma decided to speak again, “Thank you for the information. You are dismissed.” Was her simple remark, and yet even that sent chills down my spine.

As we walked out of the office and made our way to the headquarters rooms, my partner grabbed my arm and made me look into his deep brown eyes. As we stood there I couldn’t help but hear this very odd noise. “Can you hear it?” he asked me as he let go of my arm. I simply nodded to respond his question. What could it be? I asked myself as I looked around trying to find the source of the noise. “Its some sort of device that’s sending sound signals to something else,” he said also looking around.
“To a receptor?” I asked now looking up at him. “Should we tell Lady Erma?”
“Not yet,” he said now letting go off my arm and walking away towards the headquarters Library.

Well I guess since I’m now alone I should take this opportunity in filling you in.

When the world was divided into these three major branches disputes rose up. The Humans were outraged that the Vampires were assonating humans for their needs. So that made the Humans very angry and forced the Vampires into a ghetto only made up of Vampires and imprison them their. But when the Vampires refused to stay locked up like animals they broke free and began to invade the Humans. The Vampire Leader said, “We are not inferior to Humans, they are inferior to us,” were his exact words when a reporter asked him why he was attacking the humans.

The Humanoids in the other hand, just hated being used as tools to wipe of the Vampires. Many of them rebelled against the humans for not treating them the way they deserved to be treated, when the Vampire Leader saw this act he decided to make the Humanoids one of their allies. Others decided to fight their part of this dispute alone, in fear that the Vampires would soon turn on them, and treat them even worse then the Humans.

As of a result the humans were on their own, since neither Vampire nor Humanoid wanted to fight by their side. But some of the humans decided to team up with the vampires and/or Humanoids, since they saw that the result of the war was obviously clear.

I finally made it to room, but for some odd reason I didn’t want to go in. It might be because my sister might be in their organizing my junk again. But whichever the reason I still went inside. I seriously need to reconsider cleaning this place up, I thought to myself as I made my way trough all of the books and papers on the floor. “You’re Lucky that you can even find your clothes in the morning,” a voice said from the doorway, and obviously I turned around to see who it was but I already knew who it was, my adorable older sister.