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Lunarya's Notebook
Writing practices; using random topics to hone my writing skills
The Decision
You are in a vast one-roomed building with glass walls and ceiling. The leafless trees that occupy the space are heavily laden with thousands of birds, birds of every shape, size, and color. You are sitting on a wooden chair in a corner of the building, captivated by the birds. One by one, the glorious creatures fly down to you and land on your shoulder. They each whisper in your ear, "I am the one you have been searching for. I am the best," then say the thing that makes them special. One can make your hair change colors; another can make small objects fly; yet another can enable you to breath underwater. One by one, the birds land on your shoulder and tell you of their worthiness. Some come multiple times, hoping to have an advantage over the competition. Hours go by, but they are unrelenting. Soon, one word begins to hum through the air, soft at first, then becoming louder and bolder. "Choose. Choose. Choose. Choose." Frightened, you leave the safety of your chair and search for a way out. The sound of feathers rustling in the still air tell you that the birds are watching your every movement. Your search is in vain.
You notice a crowd has gathered outside of the building. Every person you have ever met in your entire lifetime is pointing at a certain bird, and you can see the people mouthing the words, "Pick that one!" Eveyone is pointing to a different bird, trying to get your attention, and the birds chanting has become louder. You cry out in frustration, lay down upon the cool grass that covers the ground, and begin to weep.

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