Yes, as the title states Dark_Slytherin will be moving to a new location. In sometime in June (date still be disclosed on), I will be moving across seas to Canada, the city of Ottawa to be exact.

In which at that time I may or not have an internet connection. I might be away for a few month in the least.
I'll be bunking in with another fellow Gaian mathrixo_O (despite he barely goes to that account or Gaia at all). We both plan to get a pc as soon as we can since both of us can't bring the ones we currently use, sad enough. His due to being used amongst other family members, mine due to the fact it'd have too many problems getting hooked and would be more cheaper buying a new one than getting it converted and all that crap.

Ja ne minna.

Well, I'll still be around until then of course. XD
So don't start panicking.