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Dark Slytherin's Log
Update (involves the previous entry as well)
Well for those that had read my former entry, you would had read that I had attempted a moving out. However it backfired.

Reason of backfire - roommate bailed on me three days to flight. So I had gave a foolish endeavor at the move without a roommate. Of course that went rather...well.

So after spending some cash, in a somewhat half heartedly foolish manner, I ended up back where I was, in my folks home.

Couldn't stay in the States long since was having problems in getting work, since I do not have the 12th Grade completed yet, and even if studying for the GED (which I was).

True I had rent paid up until the 1st of September, in a place which thankfully accepted me despite lack of credit history, referrals and former US address. A rent for one person is bloody expensive - was the reason was trying to bunk in with a mate so costs are cut down.

If you ever plan to move out, start with a roommate, since it'd be less stress on both (or more). I was paying a 900 rent for myself, my luck was having some extra cash on hand, though since I wasn't get any work soon, as every one knows, money wastes away, even if careful with one's own spendings.

Though having come back hasn't been easy, had to listen to family rant on see we were right and that the USA is no longer good, blah blah blah. You get the point.

So now I'm just looking for work (still awaiting a response from a place) and studying for exams (since due to past health had to get out of school - can only finish via exams now).

Ah, and lastly have began the beginnings (finally some might say) for a shop in Gaia, though it's still a hush up until I get it more complete. Should open soon.

Quoting is the best way to get me to respond back.

Avatar usually cosplay related. Unless in a random OC mood.

In Portugal, Europe.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Oct 06, 2008 @ 07:00am
User Image I hope you're okay now... D:
Now I am in constant worry of you!
On that note, I miss you alot!!!!!

Uuuhhh.... That's all I can really think to say now...
Love you!

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