Day 8 of July I board the plane and cross the seas to homeward bound.

And that sounded like crap. *chuckles*

Well this old snake ain't going to Canada anymore. Due to my roommate having to bail on me. A few days before my previous flight (which was to go to Canada). Least he gave me a mild heads up to resort thing about.

So I'm moving back to the USA. Florida to be exact. With luck I'll managed fine on my own. However I do not know how long it would be before I can come back online.

I can try coming every once in a while if the pcs at the libraries permit so. Since I will take a bit before getting a pc, least I only consider getting one third fourth month in...

So that'll be the reason for my small shows in the future.

As for the slow shows I've been giving recently, my net has been a bit weird with me, plus I've been using just about all my spare time packing and junk.

For now, I'll be online until the 7th at night max. After that, well, we'll just see. Ja matte ne.