Auctions listing: and yes, I totally stole this from scream aim fire. SHHH.

Past Auctions
Fantasy Archetype Auction
Balloon Factory
No Need for Tenchi
Cobwebs and Strange - solo.
Drowning in Booze! SOLO over at 60k :0 WAITING FOR TRADE. looks like I've been cheated : |
Nightmare Before Christmas
Sketchbook 01
The Breakfast Club
Charity Auction
Kaleidoscope Eyed! need to complete art

Current Auctions
Beyond Parole joint

Auctions I've Applied to, or want to apply to
Charity Auction applied

Auctions in planning
Living Dead in the springtime /Actual Thread - don't think this is going on any time soon.

Other Artsy type stuff:
Crossroads contest I won 'most unique' in one of the three categories x3
Rainbows Art contest Won 'most unique'.
DAKS entered one piece