Well, I realise that I haven't posted anything really in quite a while, so I'm posting it now.
I haven't realli been online much... But now that School's out, hopefully I'll get to be on.. More - ish.
I'm not really a very out-going person on-line, because I get intimidated by all the people who are smarter then me...
Quite recently me and Lin have become obsessed with grammer... Whoo! It's kind of funny, actually.
I have discovered Avvie editing and re-discovered making dolls, and if you add those together it makes lotsa' awesomeness.
I recently did an edit of two of Me & Lin's made up characters... Cuzy an' Trishinda.
and they are perrrrtty funny.
Summer always makes me kinda sad beause I can't wear my sweatshirt and I don't get to see anybody.
But, this summer I vow to not be bored.... An amazing feat, yet I'm sure I can do it!
There's an Anime/Manga/Toy convention on July 15th, and i'm gonna go with a friend and maybe another (?) friend. . .
Must.... Buy.... Ninja.... HEADBAND!
I love YouTube... I like to watch FMA episodes on it and watch songs from musicals and lotsa random funny junk... Has anyone here ever seen Crazy Horses? Hillarious.
Well, I've just moved and my cats are adjusting - It's weird for them.
Uh. . . I re-did my av. Now it's supah spiffeh.
I've typed enough t'night.....