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thoughts and stories
hellos, umm..well this is the place for randomness. yay! randomness! WOOT! anyways this is the place to find my thoughts at times and some of my stories. Do you dare to enter?
Here is a new story i writing. based off of one of my previous avvies. hope all who read it enjoy it.
ps-sorry for any grammer errors

ch.1 The prophecy of the foretold

There was a very old prohecy of a foretold child who be born in silence. As the child would grow older the parent would notice abnormalities, they had never seen before. The child would learn a variety of lanuages from hidden ancestry. Hence, when they turned sixteen a mark would appear on their shoulder of either a black or white rose depending on background. They would be known by many names, the singer, the foretold, the dark queen, the mighty warrior, the light bringer, the destroyer, but the most important of all is the rose, depending on color.The whole world would turn against them. They will be rebuked, threatened, and outlawed. They will suffer through great trials and see many places and creatures consumed by evil. They will be the only one who could unlock the earths true power and sustain it. If they achieved this goal there would be peace on earth for many years a time and all would illness would heal and the seven warriors will bring forth light to overpower the darkness. But if they should falter the earth would be covered in darkness and consumed by the evil forces.
A thin man leaped out of his bed made of a mattress filled with straw and horse hair. He was aging and his face shown wrinkles proving he worked hard in the sun as a young man and smiled much. The excitement of discovering the dreams meaning overwhelmed him. He quickly pulled out parchment and a quill pen scribbling down the strange foredream he had. It had been the fifth time this month and he knew this was no normal dream. He wrote it down word for word as the images flashed through his tired head. he could distincly remember the voice that sounding like wind chimes and a song to beautiful to hear that it made your heart yearn for it. He looked though his window after he had finished the script and slid his finger through his long white beard. He scratched his head then looked the the heavens and chuckled.
"so the time has come, has it? for the bringer of light to be born and me to pass along. That is last foredream i shall have i am saddened i will never get to that child. May the light guide and protect them" he said hoarsely followed by a ruthless cough that woke his wife.
The coughing calmed and she smiled with relief. She could see that he was very tired from the purple bags that were under his eyes but did not a say a word letting him think in solitude. She barely managed to hold back the laugh that was within her. he has always been like that, stubborn and heavy-willed. she thought to herself. She closed her eyes and was about to drift off in sleep when she heard the coughing again, this time even rougher. She jumped out of bed and ran across the room speedily for her age. Within second she was at his side.
"dear?" she whispered softly in his ear and then lightly kissed it. When the couphing didn't ease her eyes welled up with tears which she instictively held. Hr eyes burned from the resistance but she didn't care. She grabbed a pitcher of water and brought it too him. The mask she so pinly kept up faltered, his face was turning purple. She tried to get the pitcher near his mouth but he pushed is away. The tears she could now feel were putting much pressure and sting to the resistence she still held. His coughing slowed and now he was making a sharp wheezing between breaths. His body would just not let the air in. He handed her the parchment and laboriously spoke with the air left within him
"my dear.....you must....get this to the mayor.....we can trust him....it is a foredream i have been having lately.......it means something....i will not live to see.....or discover.." she quickly put a finger to his mouth "don't say such things...this will pass and you will live on and solve some of this dream" she said confidently.
He grabbed her hand and squeezed it as hard as he could
"my love, you must promise....you will take care of that letter" he continued stopping for an attempt to catch his breath.
" i promise" she said mournfully as the tears she had so hardly held back streamed down her face. she said and took the rolled up parchment. He took his hand and gently caressed her cheek and she lightly leaned into it. He brought his face closer as if to kiss her but found he didn't have enough strength.
"...i love you..." he whispered. His hand slipped to his side and the wheezing stopped. Suddenly the room was silent except for her weeping.
"..i love you too...i will have to be strong..i will deliver this foredream and will do whatever i can to honer you my husband." she said softly. As her tears fell onto her land. She picked up his hand and put it against her cheek. i will always love you, i do not fear knowing we will be togethor again in the future. She thought aloud. She put his hand on his lap and hugged his corpse then kissed his wrinkled forehead.
" we had a wonderful 80 years togethor my dear and it seems you are like always a step ahead of me." she said taking a deep breath and wiping the tears away from her face with her nightgown sleeve. She stood up and dressed in a plain black peasent dress and slipped on a pair of brown leather boots. She threw on an old black hat and a red cloak on. She quickly grabbed the scroll of parchment and flew out the door. The night was cold and had a biting wind that hit her face. i am getting to old to be in this type of weather, but for him i'll do anything she thought. She continued pushing forward and a heavy dowpour began. soaking her with one wiff. The wind now badder then ever almost picked up her up of the ground. when she finally got to her destination she stood there for a moment. would anyone belive her? She pushed her doubt aside and banged on the large bronze door. After five minutes of waiting she though about turning back but then she locks being meddled with inside and a young maid opened the door.
"oh, Yuna, please do come in" she moved aside as the dripping Yuna entered. A small fireplace was lit in the middle of the giant marble walls. It flames almost mesmerized her, she was cold, but then her mind went back to business.
" i must speak to the mayor" she said sterny to the maid.
" at this hour? what could you possibly be thinking. You may stay and dry off but it is forbidden for me to wake to mayor unless it is his time to get up" she whispered with her hands on her hips and a cold stare.
"it is an emergany, i must speak with him. NOW!" she yelled now getting frustrated.
"Yuna" the maid whispered "you are going to get us in a lot of trouble if you don't calm down". Yuna looked angrier now.
" listen to me, my husband died because of this information and i will too now...." she was interrupted by a door opening and a very obnoxious yawn. Suddenly the two of them quickly looked where they heard it. There they saw a very tired mayor. He stretched then patted his plump belly.
" what is all this racket?" she said harshly but when he saw Yuna he softened and managed a smile " Yuna what could you possibly be doing here at this hour?" For a moment she was too shocked to say anything but quickly shook it off.
"my mayor, i have some urgent new as well as a grieving one" She said sadly but sternly at the same time.
"i see" he yawned again then rubbed his mid-neck red beard. "well then we lets take this to a more sound concealing room, shall we?" he said intrigued by the timing and sound of her voice.
"yes my mayor" she quickly replied. He motioned her to follow and follow she did to a grand study, probably the size of her house. There were many shelves covered in books, scrolls, little devices she had never seen before. He motioned her to a chair in front of a fireplace and she took a seat.
" you may leave us" he said looking at the maid that had been hidden in the shadow by the doorway, so Yuna had not seen her. He pulled a small glass from a cabinet and a bottle of a red liquor she had not seen before.
"this is my famous strawberry flavored liquer" he said gesturing her to have some. She shook her head, not up to it. "okay then but you are missing out, so what is this news you have brought me?" he asked sitting down and slowing empting his glass.
"well, mayor..my husband as you know is an honest man and has never lied as long as i have known him, and he woke up late this night and said he had a foredream" she continued but happened to be interupted
" a foredream is that all?" he asked looking into his glass as if it suddenly interesting and not hiding his disintrest in her message.
"yes, but mayor this dream, it said that a child was to be born that would bring peace and return the power of the earth to us, also after he finished writing it, his death followed" she with passion at first but then sounded melancholy.
" i see, i am sorry for your loss Yuna, your husband was a good man. If he died after writing though, that has to mean something, as if there was some source that didn't want us to know" he said with some infatuation. "now i am intrigued let me see the prophecy" he said excited. She handed him the paper, hesitant at first but then handed it to him. He scanned over the paper quickly then slowed down. His expression changed to awe then to doubt. In the end he frowned and put it on his lap. He looked to Yuna with sympathy.
" Yuna, do you know how crazy this sounds, the world being consumed by evil? Ha! thats ridiculous. Your husband was a good man but there were times when i would wonder if he was crazy or not. I don't mean to offend but i think he possibly was a little loopy, i mean come on." Her face reddened with anger and she so badly wanted to feel the joy of slapping him across his horrible face.
"listen my husband, right before he died and he only had so many breaths left he told me to bring the letter to you because he could trust you..with his last BREATH!" she screamed. He almost dropped the bottle spilling a little of the liquid on him. he grabbed a cloth and cleaned it up.
" that surprised me there Yuna, screaming out of nowhere, come on now, no need to raise your voice. listen now, there are different kinds of people in the world, ones you can trust and ones you can't, people who believe and people who doubt. me on the other hand is a mix between them. I am sorry to say this but i can just can't belive this so called"foredream", i am sorry but you will find no help here. " he said briefly. She wanted walk across the room and hurt him badly but she took a dep breath and decided elswhere.
" thank you for your time, mayor" she said sweetly, her fists clenched so hard they were bleeding. She gave a quick bow and headed for the door when he suddenly stopped her.
" oh and Yuna, i have a favor to ask..actually two, one not so much a favor but permission" he couldn't..no that was beyond her limits, he wouldn't do that, would he?
" what is it?" she said a little too sharper than intenended and turned to face him.
" i was wondering if perhaps you could keep this little meeting and the script a secret" he said sweetly.
"i suppose, now what could you possibly be asking me for permission for when you are a mayor and me a mere peasant?" she asked hiding her hatred with a sugar-coated voice.
" well actually i have been meaning to ask you but as i have noticed your youngest daughter..." her head began to spin, he wasn't going to ask was he. no that was impossible.. it couldn't happen. Her thoughts were shortly interrupted " so would you mind? Yuna, would you, i mean i know you would be in mourning and all but would you agree, it a good match?" He said with a false sweetness as if trying to gain favor from her after all he had said. When he saw she was not going to answer " of course it it did happen then you would be family and i would be willing to help with the prophecy" he pressed.oh so now he calls it a prophecy she thought angrily.
"what were you asking again? i am sorry i seemed to have dozed off a moment there" she said gently.
" i was just asking for your daughter's hand in marriage, you know the youngest one named..what was it oh thats right, Lila.she is somewhat younger than me but we would make a good match"suddenly she dropped the sweet mask she held before not showing her anger, he flinched at the sudden change of atmosphere.
" listen you" she begrudgingly pointing at him with a shaky index finger. " you will not have my daughter nor any of my family, intertwined with yours. i do not know what you think in that brain of yours but insulting my dead husband and then asking for my daughters hand.." she viciously shook with rage. " you will not even lay a finger on her, you understand? if you do i will find you" she said with almost an evil smile. The mayor just sat there frozen from shock, irritation, and being rejected by a peasant. Any other mother would scream with joy but the mother of the woman he most desired was the one he could not have. He now was reddening with anger. No peasant could embaress him like that, he would have Lila if he wanted her and he would get her no matter the cost. That is how the darkness grew within a soul who seldom knew his dark heart and desires too, only lead to despair aknew. Yuna went straight to her daughter and forced her to leave with her belongings, a simple note of explaining, and the rolled parchment. Lila quickly dressed then was forced out of the hut and was given a horse to ride up north where the mayor would never find her. She came to a village towards the northeast and there she met a man and fell desperately in love with him, they married and she bore twins and thus the true tale began.

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commentCommented on: Tue Jan 13, 2009 @ 12:32am
Very nice! I really like it how it starts. You should separate everytime they talk ^^ But really, I liked reading this. Can't wait to see how it goes, thanks for sharing. smile
I liked Yunas' determination.

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