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thoughts and stories
hellos, umm..well this is the place for randomness. yay! randomness! WOOT! anyways this is the place to find my thoughts at times and some of my stories. Do you dare to enter?
okies, well i am going to continue a story from the past known as a bunny tail. it is written strangely because at that time i have no idea what i was thinking but i don't think the story line is all that bad. Anyways i am going to continue on chapter 7. if anyone wants to go back the post in which ch. 6 is, is 10/06/07 at 8:32 pm. alrighty lets get started. this continuation is for those who asked for me to continue it. now that i read it, it sounds cheesy,lol. but i am not going to rewrite it until i get to the part io need to think of, lol. have patience with me please. i did change some as i went though, i hope it helped once again i apologize.

Chapter 7
-mystery person

“That shows that you don't.....you don't....hold any feelings for me...that you are either going to lie to yourself for the rest of your life, or regret it. Or maybe you love your fiancé and are too embarrassed to admit it” *head flings up, eyes widen* *begins crying* “I…..I….I” * head flings up, tears fly every where as they sparkle in the light, yells* “I …I am so sorry for not noticing u were in love with another, I shall leave here and ur happiness shall be granted, I hope we may meet again……… one day in the future as friends” “Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Using all her willpower not to look back, suddenly a hand grasped her arm and she couldn't pull hard enough to get away. Suddenly her ears catch a voice whispering in her ear “I love u” suddenly she turns around and finds Rockton running towards her, but the man she heard was gone. Wondering where he was she dozed off, not noticing that Rockton had grasped her arm. “Lets go to where it is warm it is getting chilly and it has been a long day” *head falls low* she had to admit she was tired out from all the emotional stress and running, food sounded kind of good as well. “k, but I will leave in the morning” *stares at Rabbit with sympathy in his eyes* “I am so sorry to put u through all of this” *stares into his eyes* “Rockton don’t feel sorry, if I…if I had not come u still would be happy and content with ur new fiancé, and would not have been through all these memories and pain” she stopped walking, as tears filled her eyes; a small shimmery tear dropped to the ground. * put his hand on her chin and gently lifts her head up* “don’t cry princess” * looks into her watery eyes, slowly pulling his face towards hers* (what is this feeling? I have felt it before, but never so strongly, is...is this truelove?) All the sudden his face near hers, he can not resist it any longer……………………………………..To Be Continued…………………………
well anyway, i fixed a little bit gradually, umm...in the future of this story it will slowly unfold to become normal.

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