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thoughts and stories
hellos, umm..well this is the place for randomness. yay! randomness! WOOT! anyways this is the place to find my thoughts at times and some of my stories. Do you dare to enter?
a random ballad i made a while ago. i hope you enjoy it.

The little mermaid ballad

A young princess
The age of fifteen
Sits at a broadside of a ship
Taking a peep through a square opening
She has no legs, but fishes tail instead

A Storm crept on
Lightning struck
His ship went ablaze
The prince fell down, down, down
Into the sea deeply

The princess swam most speedily after him
Brought him ashore then lied him down
Sang with the prettiest voice
Then hid behind a stone in the waves when others approached

When he awoke a young girl sat beside him
The princess sadly watched him leave the shore with that other girl
Knowing she might see him no more
Deeply hurt by this she made a hard decision
To visit the dark sea witch or not

Visit the dark sea witch she did
To have her tail gone for a new pair of legs
To see her prince
To have an immortal soul seemed worth of this

So she went
To pay the debt her tongue was lost by a blade
And her gift was given
But such a bad decision she had made
She was only leading herself to a grave

All alone she swam ashore
Drank the potion
Legs were formed
But oh the pain, it hurt so
As if a sword was cutting her from thigh to toe
The sea witch had warned her though

A distance away something was coming
She sated sitting silent
Now she was mute so could say nothing
The object came closer
As it did, she recognized
It was him
The prince

Spotting her, he did
Most lovely, she was to him
Like the sparkling sea
Her eyes shone blue
Her hair silk and extremely long too

He put out a hand
She accepted placing hers in his and arose
Though each step felt as though walking on sharpened daggers
It looked so graceful as if walking on air
Her love for him so strong
The want of an immortal soul so great
She put up with all the pain and aches

He lead her to his home
There she was finely clothed
And fed as if she were his own
But that was just a fantasy
A dream

For the fateful day came
He met with a kingdom and married a lady, the lady
Whom he saw when he awakened that destined day

The day she brought him ashore
But all he ever saw was that other girl
Never knowing the truth
That it was truly her not the other
Even though she smiled at them when in the procession

Now her death date had been made
When evening fell she stood upon the ships deck
Her sisters appeared with their hair much too short
They looked down with a frown
Their eyes turned towards her
Their hearts mournful

“Sister we have given our hair to the sea witch
for one more chance dear sister
here is a dagger
you must shatter thy prince’s heart with it
then let the blood fall upon thy feet
then you shall return to you original form
and live freely once again”
they then fled to the sea once more

she looked at the prince
sleeping next to his new bride
then threw the dagger into the sea
never to be seen again

morning came
the sun rose
she felt her hearts flesh tearing
then turned into bubbles
a breeze picked her up
sweeping her away to become an air-spirit
where she will wander for three-hundred-years

the new couple awoke
not seeing her in sight anywhere
looked over the deck
held each others hand tightly
frightened by her disappearance so early
scanning the sea with their eyes
never spotting a single good sight
the breeze come near the wife
the mermaid, now an air-spirit
she kisses the bride’s forehead
wishes her happiness
then blows away with the wind

not knowing a thing
their hearts fill with tears
saddened for losing a precious dear friend
their the minds continuously think of the endless sea
the charming girl with astounding beauty
the great adventure
their wondrous meeting
the new beginning set before them

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Cloidhna Nium
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Aug 07, 2009 @ 11:08pm
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OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I remember this for the ballads we did!! whee

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commentCommented on: Mon Jan 04, 2010 @ 06:39am
lol, yep yep

d a r k-n e k o-g u r ll
Community Member
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